No Siri to Dictate on Your iPad, No Problem

If you don’t have Siri on your iPad, then the Dragon Dictation App is the next best thing for dictating notes. From all reports the same engine that drives Siri comes from Nuance, which is a company that puts out the Dragon Dictation App.

This is helpful because all the punctuation and commands are all the same. There’s really only one annoying thing about the Dragon Dictation app on the iPad.

And that is after dictating you can’t select text unless you press the keyboard icon, which puts you into the keyboard/typing mode. And this happens frequently when dictating text. You find yourself with one word that is incorrect but the software thinks it’s okay. In those cases you just want to select the word that’s wrong and type in the correct word.

But the way Dragon Dictation works is that after dictating text, each word can be selected, and if there are known corrections they show up in a list so that you can make changes with a quick tap.

And of course the whole reason I put up with this and learn to deal with it, is that dictating text is approximately 5 times faster than typing on a keyboard. And when I say keyboard I mean a normal computer keyboard, which means that dictating text is probably 10 times faster than typing on an iPad keyboard.

There are two things to consider here. The first is that to get all of these speed benefits, you have to speak slower than normal and enunciate your words. The second thing is that by speaking your words it sounds more conversational, which is a good thing when writing a blog post.